Best Cloud-Based ERP Systems for Manufacturing in 2019

Cloud-based ERP systems for manufacturing is a kind of software-as-a-service or SaaS deployment model for Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software which can help the user to separate the business functions into a single unified system. To put it simply, ERP software is a term for a system which captures and shares the information across all of the departments and business functions. Commonly, the first generation of ERP system or the traditional one is installed and maintained on location. Meanwhile, the cloud-based ERP software is passed through a Web browser via an Internet connection.

With that said, there are a few things which you need to understand about this cloud-based ERP software. The first one is that the user needs to pay a subscription price for the software either monthly or annual basis. The second one is that you cannot mistake this cloud-based model with “Web-enabled” software. For those who do not know, “Web-enabled” software is a software which is installed on-site but the data is accessible online. The last one is that the system data can be accessed through an Internet connection. If you happen to want to use cloud-based ERP software but you do not know which one is good, then keep on reading this article. We will help you by giving you the list of the best cloud-based ERP software in 2019.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Software
The first software which you can use is this JD Edwards software. This software is a cloud-based ERP and supply chain management solution which can provide you with ERP applications and tools for finance, consumer goods, human resources, distribution, and manufacturing sectors. This software is very suitable for small to large manufacturers or businesses. It also has quite many key features such as financial management, project management, asset lifecycle management, order management, CRM, manufacturing, supply chain planning & logistics, reporting & business intelligence, real estate management, human capital management, environmental health, and safety & commodity trading.

MIE Trak Pro Software
The next cloud-based ERP systems for manufacturing which you can use is MIE Trak Pro. This software will help you by giving you modules which are designed to accommodate most production cycles and optimize the capabilities of repetitive, customization, and quick-turn & mixed-mode operations. The key features in this software are accounting, business analytics, customer relationship management, electronic data interchange, bill of materials, barcoding, human resources, inventory control, invoicing, quality control and inspection, repair and maintenance, request for quoting, sales and purchase order processing, time clock and work order scheduling & reporting, kiosk data collection, and whiteboard scheduling modules with drag-and-drop scheduling.
Jonas Premier Software

The last cloud-based ERP systems for manufacturing which you can use is this Jonas Premier. This software is suitable for midsize manufacturers and gives various modules such as accounting, job costing & estimating, billing, time & expense, and reporting & inventory management. By using this software, users can manage to purchase orders, billing, and expense reporting activities. Not only that but users can also get additional benefits such as employee time & expense management, centralized document management, and customized of the approval workflow management.

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