QuickBooks Enterprise – The Best Cost Accounting Software

If you are looking for the best cost accounting software for manufacturing then you need to take a look at QuickBooks Enterprise. Offering a full-version, here is what you need to know about it.


QuickBooks Enterprise offers a full-service software and it also includes the cost accounting software for manufacturing too. It offers end-to-end solutions without dealing with the implementation of ERP. The software is designed for growing businesses and non-profit organizations, which means that you will have one place to manage payroll, payables, inventory stuff, and a lot more things.

QuickBooks Enterprise is basically not a stand-alone system especially if you need more features and functions. Still, you can simply install adds on that could integrate with the main app. Typically, this app is sold as the all-in-one software and it is equipped with some features like Payroll & Employees, Purchasing & Vendors, Sales & Customers, Inventory, and Reporting & Finances. A cloud hosting option is also equipped in the package according to the type you have purchased in the first place.

The features
Talking about the features, there are various features you would love from this app. It supports industry-specific reporting that will suit the needs of:
 Manufacturing and wholesale
 Contractor
 Professional services
 Non-profit organizations
 Retails
 Accounting and so on.
You will also be able to manage reporting and finances more easily with its available tool. This feature will allow you to do many things include:
 Combining reports from various files;
 Creating professional financial statements easily;
 Export the data to an existing or new spreadsheet;
 Creating customized reports;
 Identifying invoices;
 Tax tracking and so on.
Actually, there are still plenty of features you should try on your own.
Pros and Cons

The benefits
This app has a bunch of benefits you need to manage your small- and mid-sized business. You will love this app because it allows you to navigate the menu easily due to its familiar interface for anyone who formerly has worked with QuickBooks. The features allow you to customize forms and reports seamlessly. Also, it has various types of both standard and contributed reports you can use along with excellent capabilities to import the data.

The drawbacks
However, you need to purchase the full-service package to use all features in it such as Advanced Inventory, Advanced Payroll, or Advanced Reporting functions. One account or dashboard can only cover up to 30 users. Since there is no true central documentation, it also has no support for a proprietary database. There is no mobile access support and if you are interested in this feature then you may take a look at its online version.

Bottom Line
QuickBooks Enterprise is an excellent solution for intermediate businesses that still grow. This version is also the full-service version compared to the previous QuickBooks versions. However, it has its limitations and will not be convenient enough for bigger companies with more complex systems in it. Still, you can count on it as the best cost accounting software for manufacturing if you are managing a business with up to 30 workers in it.

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