QuickBooks Online Review – Tips, Pros, and Cons

Some people who use QuickBooks may also look for manufacturing software for QuickBooks. Whether you are using the Enterprise version or the online version, QuickBooks offers more than just an accounting program.

QuickBooks Online, as its name suggests, operates solely online. Still, you will get a bunch of benefits more than a basic accounting tool. For some reason, you may also need to check manufacturing software for QuickBooks as well. This software will allow you to add up to 5 users for one account so people within the same company could be on the same page and minimizing their mistakes.

Several features you can use from this software are such as making invoices, evaluating reports, expense tracking, making statements of profit & loss, client portal, inventory, and a lot more. Everyone can work for it through one dashboard. It eases the whole process, eliminates confusion, and minimize mistakes.

Who does use QuickBooks Online?
Basically, it can be used by everyone. However, it will work great for freelancers and small businesses. If you run a business with a few employees yet the transactions are pretty complex then you can use this online tool instead. Even though this tool may work for mid- and large-sized businesses, bigger companies may look elsewhere. The payroll costs may get up a bit quickly.

Things we like about QuickBooks Online
This tool has easy to use navigation and interface. Its color-coded interface will allow users to find what they want easily. On one page, you can get anything you need and detailed information.
You can create invoices easily and customize it according to what you need. Since creating a brand is very important, all the features you need to make it happens are available in this tool. You can even customize your email look.

When you need to send invoices through email, this tool allows you to have an unlimited number of invoices. Yet, you will have mobile accessibility since this tool is an online tool. You can even access your dashboard through your smartphone. And also, you can link your credit cards and bank accounts to your QuickBooks Online dashboard. There are still other things you would like from this tool if you just have a test ride.

Things we do not like about QuickBooks Online
However, this tool does not include payroll. If you have a bigger business, you may prefer to use a tool with a full-service instead. This tool is also not designed for beginners. The interface is just too much for a beginner.

QuickBooks Online is not equipped with project management. You will need to choose other software that could be integrated with this online tool. Since this is an online tool, you will need an excellent internet connection.

Bottom line
It is a fact that QuickBooks Online offers various features that will help you to get through your work. However, it only works fine for small businesses. And if you need manufacturing features, you need to get the add on of manufacturing software for QuickBooks.

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